Why you need photos even when you’ve got a great phone camera


Listen, I’m not going to lie. There are some great phone cameras out there. It’s as easy as a tap on your screen to get some lovely photos of you and your family. But I’m still going to say that a photo shoot is a treat that everyone should allow themselves at least once in their lifetimes. Here’s why you need photos even when you’ve got a great phone camera.

1: Be in the photographs

How often do you find yourself taking photos with your camera and not including yourself in them? And, when you are in the picture, it’s usually because you’re doing a selfie. There are more ways to be in your photographs than with an outstretched arm or with a selfie-stick in situ as you hold your phone up!

A photo shoot allows you to put the phone down, step back and be in the photographs. No having to squeeze in or figure out how to get everyone in the shot. You get to sit back, relax and be in the photos while your photographer does all the hard work.

2: Enjoy the experience

A photo shoot is an experience. The event itself will be as memorable as the beautiful photographs you get afterwards. That’s because not being in charge of the phone camera means you can be in the moment. There’s a lot to be said for taking part in what’s happening rather than looking through a screen at it.

When you get your photos back, you’ll be able to view them, remembering the fun time you had, rather than thinking about how hard it was to get that shot with your phone!

3: Limitations of the camera

It’s true, phone cameras have come a long way in recent years. The quality of the lens is awesome; the picture quality is pretty good. For a phone camera. Ultimately, it is still a phone with other more important uses, and it’s compact. So there are limitations to what you can achieve when photographing anything with a phone camera over a professional DSLR

It can be as simple as the sensor size in your phone’s camera. It’s much smaller than the one in my professional-level camera, which means it won’t be able to capture clear images in specific scenarios. It also won’t have the wide range of colour capturing capability as my more robust piece of kit.

A phone camera, even with all the settings they have now, can only do so much. The pictures just can’t compare with what you’ll get from a professional camera and the photographer operating it.

4: Print quality

Due to the limitations mentioned before, it does mean the print quality of your phone camera photos won’t be as good as photos from a professional camera.

Again, this comes down to the phone’s physical limitations. So, if you’re wanting some beautiful prints to frame and put up on your walls, or a stunning album of images to treasure, you can’t beat a professional photo shoot to get them.

Professional image quality is essential when you’re sharing branding photos too. Make your business look so much more professional by investing in a professional photo shoot rather than taking a quick snap on your phone.

5: Invest in you

You’re worth spending a little bit of money on and getting some great photos of! No matter what you think, it’s always worth investing a little in yourself to get photographs that you’ll treasure.

See it as a form of self-care, a treat, something to look forward to and something to enjoy for years afterwards. And you can do that because you’ll have all the stunning photographs to look back on!

Isn’t it worth it, for that alone?

Look, I can’t deny that a quick phone snap, a selfie, even something a little more set up on your phone, isn’t an easy option. And I certainly can’t say that the photos you’ll get from your phone are bad. But I do believe that, every once in a while, you should make the investment. In yourself. In your business, if you’re doing branding photos. In your family, memories and experiences. You won’t regret it when you get those photographs sent through to you, I promise!


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